Telos blockchain network promotion and outreach at LinkExchange Micro Credit

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Last week, we granted interviews to various media houses to explain the power of the Telos blockchain network (Telos Foundation). This week, we visited LinkExcchange Micro Credit located at their new office at East Legon, Accra. My team met with the tech team and the representative from the business team. We arrived at about 10 am GMT and after 10 minutes of chit-chatting and setting up the room, we were ready to start off with the presentation. The CTO of the company, Anne Amuzu, has been a long time friend from a previous startup incubator. She is the only lady in the picture above.

After everyone was set to begin the presentation, I pulled up my PowerPoint presentation slides. It took me about 1 hour to finish the presentation and we spend the next 1-hour answering question and discussing Telos blockchain. The team also went with a brochure on Telos which we handed out to each participant.

The hight of my presentation was on The Telos blockchain ecosystem, how to tokenise their microfinance business and the benefits of building on Telos blockchain network. The development team was interested in becoming block producers, crypto-backed loans and also asset transfer within the Telos network. The business team was mostly worried about the cost of transactions on the network when they start to build on Telos. You can find presentation slides below.

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