Promoting Telos blockchain network at Academic City University College, Ghana

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Last week was a corporate engagement with LinksExchage as part of our Telos Foundation worker proposal objectives. This week, we focused on the university community. And this time we visited Academic City University College, a leading technology university in Ghana, to interact with students from the information technology, engineering and business administration departments. We arrived at the campus and the students were already seated ready for the presentation. The President of the university, whom I have a personal relationship with, sat in briefly and introduced me to the class. Mr Julius Amegadzi, who is a professor at the College, was the key contact person and made sure students were ready for the presentation. We had close to 50 students joining us for the presentation.

Before we dive into the event details, key highlights of the presentation are as follows:
1. The students basically wanted to understand how Sesacash works on the Telos network. How they can build dapps on Telos
2. The token economy was extensively discussed because some students were considering investing in the token (they already trade in bitcoin)
3. Two female students expressed interest in developing a student voting app on the Telos blockchain. The student leadership are willing to collaborate and execute this project. I am personally interested and will guide them to do so.
4. Sesacash team will collaborate with the College to set up a blockchain incubator at the university to support blockchain development and research. Telos will be blockchain network to power this from the start.

Well, we started off with a presentation about the telos network and the telos ecosystem. Key aspects such as the telos token economy, Block Producers, smart contracts and the roles of telos dapps was exhausted. I also highlighted the use of Testnets and Mainnets in blockchain development. The presentation also touched focused on the opportunities within the Telos blockchain network that students can explore. Some students were interested in the Telos token and I offered a non-investment advice on why they should invest in it.


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