Algorand Blockcain Week In Review #1

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The week was still buzzing with the $50 million grant program that was announced by the Algorand Foundation. Now let us get started with the stories making the headlines

{One}: The launch of the new developer portal was welcome news. As a developer, I found it amazing since I had hard times navigating the old site. This also came in time for the $50m grant.

{Two}: Algorand is growing its community through a rigorous ambassador program. The quarterly @Algorand ambassador award is instituted to reward outstanding ambassadors. This quarter award went to AlgoHodler

{Three}: Then came the news from borderless capital about their partnership with @enternal capital to incubate @Algorand based ventures. As someone with incubator experience, this becomes helpful for startups.

{Four}: One of Algorand’s dapps, @PlanetWatchsas is looking for the first 100 people to join its beta test program. I personally signed up and am looking forward to testing it.

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