About us

Who we are

A team that has worked in blockchain project development, research and promotion in Ghana and beyond. We have extensive believe and experience in what emerging technologies can do in helping nations catch up in development. with both professional and academic experience, we opening the frontiers of blockchain individuals and enterprises to how we can, collectively, change the wheels of development using blockchain as leverage

We build, train, research and promote blockchain projects in different market verticals. Through incubation and acceleration, we hope create the critical mass for blockchain through decentralised. The pessimism with which corporate institutions view blockchain is a phenomenon we seek to curtail.

Our Mission

We exist to make blockchain a tool for development and creating opportunities for both the enterprise and business sectors. BlockGhana's mission is to connect Ghana's economy to the global community through a new medium. Through co-creating and co-designing the adoption of blockchain tools, it will open the frontiers of economic and democratic freedom to the populace. 

Our Vision

Our vision is lead the charge in the development and adoption of blockchain dApps. We become integral part in leading policy change through advocacy, research and education. Create a vibrant blockchain ecosystem that allow the application of blockchain in solving societal problems in unimaginable ways.

Our Values

We aim for higher standards in all that we do in our quest to promote blockchain technology and its application in for development. We strive for thorough analysis of how blockchain for glboal economic development can be realised. We adopt bottom-up approach to appraisal of cases during research and development

BlockGhana seeks believes that blockchain education should transcend all levels of our economy and democracy. Our vision is to:

  1. Promote    for decentralised and transparent governance. Public officials can adopt blockchain technologies for transparent and accountable governance that reduced the level of corruption and exclusion
  2. Create a critical mass for development, adoption and application of blockchain applications in major sectors such as health, agriculture, education, finance, insurance and real estate. 
  3. Become a research hub for the finding new and applicable use cases for blockchain in emerging economies such as Ghana
  4. Drive blockchain clubs at the second and third cycles of Ghana’s educational system to make it an integral part of the educational system. 

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